Campus 7.4

A large yacht in a small format

Smaller and better
Fabola Campus 7.4 is a new type of yacht. In the car industry it´s called “downsizing”. It´s about creating smaller cars that is more efficient in material use and fuel consumption, and still with performance due to more efficient engines.
This is also a fitting description of the Campus 7.4. It´s about using the volume in a smarter way.
Considering environmental issues the Campus 7.4 is highly efficient. An low drag hull using only the wind for speed. The slippery hull gives range and speed as in a much larger boat. If there is a need for an engine a electric motor is an option. The boat can be fitted with solar cells and shore supply, what cars call “plug in”.
The Campus 7.4 has the comfort of a 9-meter traditional keelboat. By using the space in an innovative manner, at a length of 7,26 m there is space for; 1,95 m standing height, 4 berths over 2 m length, seating of 4 persons in- and outside, WC with door, pantry with cooler, sink and stove. There is also a safe and deep cockpit with proper backrest and comfort for a family. Plenty of stowage space.
The most important matter is however the ease of handling. No yacht with this level of comfort has ever been so easy to handle, as the keel folds in the hull it can be lowered into water from a trailer on a ramp, it can be rigged very easy due to the folding mast, and one can reach shallow moorings due to the 0,30 cm depth with the keel up. Only the imagination set the boundaries for where you can go next. Perhaps to the Scandinavian archipelagos, the Mediterranean or the lakes of Finland.

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