Diva 24 DC

The Essence of Sailing

Pure sailing experiences
The Diva brand has always been synonymous with great sailing capabilities, ease of handling and innovative solutions. We are now introducing a boat optimized for day sailing. Developed for days full of active sailing and with a cockpit planned as on an effective race yacht. Surf at 14 knots with the gennaker or spinnaker or enjoy lazy days where just being on the water is the most important thing. Gently slip along relaxing in the forward section of the cockpit, designed for comfort.
The Diva 24 DC is a boat with a 44-footer cockpit and the ease of handling of a 22-footer. She has the safe qualities of a keel yacht and can still be trailered like a dinghy. The Diva 24 is a new type of boat offering new possibilities, a boat that easily can be sailed singlehanded but has room for family, friends or grandchildren. The Diva 24 takes you too moorings never accessible before and if one feels like spending the night there is the option for four full length berths, pantry and even a WC.

True joy of sailing
Diva Yachts and Campus Boats have always offered it´s owners great sailing capabilities. The new Diva 24 DC is no exception, as it incorporates all the knowledge accumulated from building over 1 500 Diva and Campus yachts. The Diva 24 offers ease of handling like no other yacht in it´s class. A modern hull with a moderate beam and a deep keel gives great upwind speed and pointing while the chines add to stability and great downwind abilities.
Inboard diesel engine and trailerable
Another innovation introduced in the Diva 24 is the combination of an inboard diesel engine and the ability to trailer the boat. It gives the assurance of a traditional diesel engine in a boat that handles like a dinghy.

3 meters of seating comfort
On a yacht designed for optimal sailing capabilities it´s natural to focus on the cockpit, and the Diva 23 has two of them. Aft is a section dedicated to the helmsman where one sits perfect at all points of sail and also has access to all sailing functions, as on all Diva models. The forward section of the cockpit gives room for an active crew or superior comfort for those who just want to relax. The cockpit resembles one on a much larger yacht with high backrests and deep sole to give a secure feeling. It also benefits from having the right measurements for a comfortable place to sit having dinner and can also be covered with a cover with sitting height. The optional engine stores easily in the large stowage beneath the sole. The large cockpit also gives room for lots of storage.

Environmentally sound
The Diva 24 represents a concept that the car industry calls downsizing. It´s an expression for creating products that make use of less material uses less fuel at the same performance and lower weight. The same comfort is achieved by using space smarter, smaller and better. This is also a good description of the Diva 24.

Close to nature
To sail is to be close to nature, feel the wind in your hair, creating the only force needed to drive you forward towards new explorations. That is one of the highlights of sailing. The Diva 24 takes you closer to nature and the water. The agile format of the yacht gives you contact to the water and the tilting keel reduces the draft to 30 cm making it possible to get to that elusive, beautiful but shallow mooring. The trailerbility also makes it possible to go to distance places. Fulfil that dream of sailing on the lakes of Finland, the Aegean sea or the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm. With the Diva 24 DC, all is possible!

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