The very first Diva model, the Diva 39, was introduced back in 1982.
It quickly became very successful and as recently as in 2011 the Diva 39 won it´s class at ÅFOR, the biggest offshore race in Scandinavia, and placed second at the biggest double-handed race in Northern Europe. In the years between the Diva 39 has won as many hearts as races and over 250 Diva 39´s were built. The Diva 39 introduced a new concept with focus not on rating rules but ease of handling, fast lines and a comfortable interior built in traditional Swedish style. It was the first long, narrow, light displacement yacht to take advantage of the latest research in yacht design.
The Diva 38 was introduced in 2001 and won the prestigious ”Boat of the Show” at Scandinavian Boat Show the same year.
The new Diva 35 introduced in 2006 won the biggest class at Tjörn runt in 2011.
Diva Yachts has a long history of innovation and success of which we are very proud. It is also a legacy that requires us to work hard to when developing new models, we do not just want to build a boat, we want to bring something new and better to sailors.

The new Diva 40 is in some ways a modern Diva 39. The objective is to create a yacht without excess in interior or design. Pure lines, a clean interior layout, focus on performance and comfort. A yacht optimized for cruising and racing. A yacht that will bring the Diva heritage into the future.

With the new Diva 40 we are introducing a new solution for optimizing interior layout and comfort. It is based on studies of movement patterns in the interior space of a yacht. For example, how often is there movement between cockpit, WC and galley? What is the nature of the communication between the galley and settee? How can we facilitate easy transfer from the dinner table to other areas? How often is there movement from the cabins, and which cabins, and other areas onboard? And one of the main objectives, how can one avoid congestions between functions? The solution is quite obvious, and also has a Swedish heritage, it was used when Sweden was transformed to a modern country in the mid 1900. It was made scientifically with established measures for kitchen tops and functionality at heart. The fact is that with the limited space a yacht interior offers it is vital to plan the interior in a very detailed manner.

These studies has resulted in what we call the Open Space Layout. Compared to a traditional layout the Open Space Layout is more airy and the often separate and closed functions is opened up into a uncluttered unity. No more L-shaped galleys that causes a closes off the yacht and no U-shaped sofa that has the same result. Paths of communication and open area is prioritized. To achieve this we have reorganized the traditional solutions. Take the galley for example, a longitudinal galley is placed further aft compared to the traditional mid-ship solution. A new solution that gives more work area. The navigational place can have several configurations depending on demands and priority. The total result is a more open layout where functions onboard has a better access. Work areas and seating areas are larger compared to traditional solutions.

Our belief is that the Open Space Layout will give a more comfortable, easier and pleasant life onboard.

The Diva 40 SC has a moderate beam for it´s length. This gives a number of advantages. The price can be kept competitive and at the level of comparable 38 footers. The length in combination with the use of the very latest construction techniques of design and construction results in very good sailing performance. By not trying to squeeze in too much in a limited space the interior functions are much bigger compared to boats of similar size and price. For example, the owners cabin at the bow is a magnificent area with a welcoming king size double berth where one can sleep with the head towards the forward bulkhead, just as at home.
As we have not fallen for the temptation to over furnish we can also keep the weight of the yacht low. As we build the yacht using the latest technology and materials the Diva 40 is easy to handle for a family and a fast yacht for the racer.
The construction and the shape of the hull there is no need to use exaggerated sail areas to achieve performance, also adding to ease of handling.

The exterior design offers clean, pure lines with a character. A Swedish Modern look with a contemporary Scandinavian feel.
The heritage from the Diva 39 is present for the trained eye and some design elements from the great Swedish designs of the early twentieth century. As with all good design the foundation is user friendliness and good ergonomics.

12.25 sqm of cockpit area
40 feet of length offers the possibility to achieve a large cockpit optimized for comfort both under sail and at a mooring. The design of the cockpit gives a perfect forward area for lazy days in the sun, and at the same time an effective racing platform. The cockpit has the well engineered ergonomics of which the Diva Yachts are famous. There is the option of one or two wheel steering and in the cruising configuration the helmsman has the possibility to sail the yacht himself as the main lines are led all the way back to the steering wheels.

The salong of the Diva 40 SC offers open space for well being onboard. Innovative planing of the layout and detailing creates a new sensation of space. At the companionway there is a large area that we call communication centre. It sounds a bit technical but serves a purpose as it creates comfort and facilitates life onboard. A new solution where a chair is instead of a L-shaped sofa results in more space and facilities moving around in the yacht.
The sofa has 2m length which gives the possibility to use them as extra berths. The interior offers the possibility to sleep 8 persons and all can be seated around the salon table. Large hatches and glass areas gives a light and contact with the exterior. Modern stylish joinery features the exclusive feel that Swedish yacht are known for.

The galley on the Diva 40 SC has a new design and layout. As on all diva Yachts, the chef is secured at the sea, but on the Diva 40 it is achieved with a kitchen island at a perfect distance from the main worktop. The kitchen island contains the refrigerator and also has a worktop. In total, there is 2,7m of worktop at your disposal. The kitchen island also offers extra stowage space to fit all the kitchen- and tableware. By using an open solution instead of a L-shaped galley communication is facilitated towards the dining area and the yacht has open and pleasant feel. A unique solution offers the ability to give the chef not only visibility through the hull side but also towards the cockpit. This is truly a galley for a top chef.

The diva 40 SC features one large wet area to maximize all functions onboard. A large area feels luxurious and makes life onboard easier. The wet area features a hanging locker for wet clothes, a head, a large basin and a separate shower with it´s own entrance door. With this solution the shower is not occupied when the head is being used and there is no need for two heads.

It is 3 meters to the door for the wet area from the owners cabin, but there is still the option of having an extra wc in the owners cabin.

In the bow area the yacht features a true Owners Cabin. A large king size double berth that has a great width at the front to facilitate sleeping with the head towards the forward bulkhead, just as at home. A large open floorboard area and a settee gives comfort. Hull windows gives contact and towards nature and creates a spacious feeling. Large closets, cabinets and good room for storage is a must.

Aft of the galley is an area that can be fitted either as a cabin or as a storage area. As a cabin we build it with a double berth and a pilot berth on top. There can also be combinations of the two. A hatch towards the cockpit makes storage easy. This area can be custom built to order.

Aft, on starboard, is a generous cabin that can be used as a guest cabin, if not used as the owners cabin. There is an option of separated or one berth. Closet, cabinets and a settee are basic features but the cabin can also be built with extra closets and cabinets for the long distance cruiser.

If there is no need for sea berhts the cabin can also be built as a stateroom. A large berth can be bult with sleeping towards a bulkhead and headspace enough to sit comfortably at the head end of the berth. There is also room for more storage and closets.

The Diva 40 SC is the result of an extensive development process. In depth analysis of several hull candidates has resulted in a hull shape that performs excellent on all points of sail. Detailed analysis of even the smallest feature. A thorough market research of current offerings comparing performance, build quality and price was made to establish the Diva 40 SC as an superior package.
Using the latest software for yacht design we can already before the first launch confirm that the Diva 40 SC will perform excellent on the race course. We have even raced her in the computer on different course both in- and offshore. With an estimated GPH of 575 the diva 40 SC is a large yacht with the advantages of a small boat. Speed, ease of handling and a comfortable home. A True Diva!

We build our yachts on our own yard with the very best finishing on carpentry and GRP work. Solid craftsmanship going back in generations results in the quality Swedish yachts are known for. We create yachts with a lasting value and values. At the same time, we are using the very latest technology for constructing hull, deck and structures. Our Diva Yachts are vacuum infused for the lowest possible weight and a strong structure. We also work closely with experts in material use and lamination plans to create a yacht with a lasting value.

Our skilled craftsmen, and women, can build your new yacht to your specific desire. We offer a number of layouts as a basis of discussion and offer the choice of variations. It can be aft cabins, wet areas, navigational area, sofas or salon tables. As we have our own yard and do design in-house we offer a fast and trouble free process for building your dream yacht.

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